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June 11 2016

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June 09 2016

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"Ihr müsst so schnell sein wie wildes Wasser! Ihr müsst so stark sein wie ein Taifun! Geheimnisvoll, zugleich so wie der Mond!"
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Imperiale Probleme
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Late last year this photograph of children looking at their smartphones by Rembrandt’s ‘The Night Watch’ in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam started doing the rounds on the web. It quickly became viral. It was often accompanied by outraged, dispirited comments such as “a perfect metaphor for our age”, “the end of civilisation” or “a sad picture of our society”.
Clearly, to lots of folk, the photograph epitomised everything that is wrong with young people these days and their ‘addiction’ to technology. These children were being distracted by their technology to such an extent that they weren’t paying any attention to the beauty surrounding them in the real world.
Only they weren’t. It turns out that the Rijksmuseum has an app that, among other things, contains guided tours and further information about the works on display. As part of their visit to the museum, the children, who minutes earlier had admired the art and listened attentively to explanations by expert adults, had been instructed to complete an assignment by their school teachers, using, among other things, the museum’s excellent smartphone app.


The Illustrated Book of Manners: A Manual of Good Behavior and Polite Accomplishments, 1866

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internet neutrality
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Scherzhaft wird S. P. Q. R. auch als „Sono Pazzi Questi Romani“ (Die spinnen, die Römer) gedeutet. So hat der italienische Übersetzer Marcello Marchesi den Satz Ils sont fous ces Romains der Comicfigur Obelix wiedergegeben.

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June 06 2016

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